Sequels launch the return of the double feature

With the sequel boom, cinemas are anxious to capitalize on the fever for certain "event films" such as the romance-comedy, Sex & the City 2, and the vampire drama, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

With tickets for Sex & the City 2 on sale six weeks prior to the film's release May 27, and selling out, some cinemas have scheduled a double-bill, playing both the original film and the sequel together. Last weekend Sex & the City was selling 37% of the advance tickets.

On June 30, AMC Theaters have programmed the "Twilight Experience" at select theaters, featuring a triple-bill of the new film and the last all three films - Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. For $30, moviegoers will get to screen a triple-bill, plus extras, including a $10 gift card.
The event begins at 6:30 pm, on June 29, with the latest film in the series, Eclipse showing at 12:01 am, June 30.

Depending on how successful these upcoming events are, this may be the beginning of a trend, with more films showing the original version with the sequels.