'Star Wars: The Complete Saga' breaks Blu-ray sales records

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The release of the nine-disc Star Wars: The Complete Saga collection of films on Blu-ray has reached a worldwide sale record of one million copies, generating $84 million in sales, according to Lucasfilm, and earning a record all-time top Blu-Ray pre-order and catalog title.

In the breakdown of the markets, North America sold 515,000 copies since September 16, accounting for $38 million in sales during the first week of release.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga includes all six Star Wars films, in addition to various bonus materials such as documentaries, making-of footage, and spoofs of George Lucas's space opera.

Some fans have complained that scenes and excerpts were edited from the original for the Blu-ray version.

These films will be released in theaters soon. Following the success of films like The Lion King in 3D, Lucas said he plans to re-release the films in 3D.