Star Wars: The Force Awakens beats Avatar as biggest US film of all-time

The film makes history just 20 days after its premiere

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens made history on Wednesday as it surpassed Avatar as the highest grossing film of all-time in North America.

It's taken just 20 days for JJ Abrams' intergalactic film to reach $758 million in the US while James Cameron's 2009 film earned $760.5 million during its seven-month box office run, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Shortly after the news broke, Disney issued a statement on thanking the longtime fans of the franchise.

"Star Wars fans have kept a galaxy far, far away alive for close to 40 years. Without them, there is no Star Wars," the statement read.

"We are proud of these records, but know that they would not be possible without fans’ enthusiasm and continued support. We feel it here and it drives us every day, and it will continue to in the very bright future of Star Wars. There has indeed been an awakening — and it’s all thanks to you."

The seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise raked in $1.5 billion worldwide on Tuesday. The Force Awakens still trails behind Cameron's 3D alien tale which grossed $2.78 billion.

When the numbers are adjusted for inflation, Gone With the Wind remains the top grossing film in the US.

The Disney and Lucasfilm blockbuster has yet to open in China, where it will premiere January 9.