Sundance partners with iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and more

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In an effort to assist independent filmmakers distribute films online, the Sundance Institute, organizer of the Sundance Film Festival, has created partnerships with websites like iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, the nonprofit announced this week.

The service will offer a selection of options for streaming and online distribution of films that have been screened at the Sundance Film Festival. It is part of the company's Artist Services Initiative, which offers production funding support.

The Sundance Artist Services program assists filmmakers in bringing these films to a broader audience, allowing viewers to watch at home or on mobile devices, iPads, etc.

"When I founded the Institute in 1981, it was at a time when a few studios ran the industry and an artist's biggest concern was whether their film would get made," stated Sundance founder Robert Redford in a press release. "Technology has lessened that burden, but the big challenge today is how the audiences can see these films."

This arrangement allows the filmmakers to post their films on all the sites without a separate deal with each one and maintain the rights.