The Big Ticket: Frozen, General Release


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What is it? Disney’s latest seasonal 3D animated family film, very loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen; it’s a tale of magic princesses, handsome princes, eternal winters and sisterly love. And a comedy snowman.

The Independent says: “The latest Disney animated feature follows on from Pixar’s Brave in putting a strong heroine to the fore – and breaks ground in having a female director – Jennifer Lee. The plotting may be formulaic but this is still a film of considerable charm and formal accomplishment. The computer animation of the characters is expressive and detailed (we even notice the freckles on the shoulder of the heroine) while the film-makers work wonders with glacial landscapes in a land of “eternal winter.”

They say: The Telegraph: “... just squeezably lovely: another example, alongside Tangled and The Princess and The Frog, of the kind of nostalgic yet forward-thinking storytelling that has become the studio’s hallmark since John Lasseter’s arrival from Pixar in the mid-2000s … the sisters’ relationship remains the film’s core. Is that quietly revolutionary, or boldly feminist, or just a well-told story being true to itself? Elsa and Anna are Disney princesses through and through, with dishy suitors and glamorous gowns, but in Frozen that’s only part of the picture. Someday your prince may come, but you can do great things without one.”

Empire: “... a story about two sisters … is planted in, and occasionally obscured by, an almost entirely male supporting cast. The emotional moments are powered by the bond between the manga-looking, wasp-waisted sisters — their eyes literally bigger than their stomachs — but the comedy comes largely from the buddy relationships between the guys.”

You say: @MSDEERABANI “I give Disney’s Frozen 11 out of 10!”

@ritu_shri “Loved loved #Frozen  a perfect Disney movie. Snowman dreams to get tanned. And an act of true love thaws a frozen heart :-) wow!”