'Toy Story 3' sneak peeks on college tour

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A special 65-minute "Cliffhanger Edition" of Toy Story 3 is being screened at 100 university campuses around the US in April and May, as part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming film, releasing in cinemas around the US on June 18.

The idea is that college kids who saw the original Toy Story might enjoy catching up with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and friends 15 years later, and sympathize with the story of Andy, heading off to college.

Similar to presentations for Avatar which included a teaser of up to 30 minutes of the film, this 3D experience will hold back the ending in hopes that the students will return to theaters to see what happens.

Though college-age moviegoers are older than most audiences for animated films, they may post good reviews through social networking.

The intention is to build word-of-mouth and spread a buzz on Facebook and Twitter. Also the hope is to show that animation does not only appeal to kids.

In this new clip from Toy Story 3, a new character is introduced in this third installment - the Ken doll in his dream house. In turn, Ken is introduced to Barbie for the first time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPxHWJF3VGs

The list of Toy Story 3 college cliffhanger screenings can be seen on Pixar's Facebook page: