'Toy Story 3' tops around the world, too

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The No. 1 film in the US also opened at the top of the box office internationally. Released in only 25 countries, the 3D animated tale screened on one-quarter of the total cinemas available, yet Toy Story 3 toppled Sex and the City 2.

The bulk of the $44.8 million earnings came from China and Latin America, setting a record opening for an animated film in Mexico. Toy Story 3 will roll out in more countries around the world over the next month, opening in Australia and India next weekend.

Also, The A-Team took the No. 2 spot, and topped the box office in France and four other locales over the weekend.

Sex and the City 2
and Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time followed with Shrek Forever After in 3D in 5th place, except in Australia where it opened at the top of the box office, with the rock comedy Get Him to the Greek in the second spot.

Also, The Karate Kid opened at No. 1 in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Vietnam.

Overall, it was a record-breaking weekend at cinemas around the world, despite the attention devoted to the soccer World Cup.