'Unstoppable' attempts to derail 'Megamind' at US box office

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On track to top the box office, Unstoppable aims to overtake Megamind, which reached number one last weekend in North America. Advance interest is high for the new action-thriller, which releases worldwide this weekend but it could be a race for the top with the 3D animated hit.

Unstoppable, about a runaway train carrying combustible toxins, stars Denzel Washington and Star Trek's Chris Pine, and could take an estimated $25 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It is directed by Tony Scott, who has teamed with Washington four times before from 1995's Crimson Tide to 2009's The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, about a hijacked train.

The second weekend of November also offers sci-fi adventure Skyline and romantic comedy Morning Glory, which expects to bring brisk business to theaters over the weekend.

While families will lean toward Megamind, male audiences should be drawn to the alien invasion film Skyline, directed by the Brothers Strause, also visual effects designers ( 2012, Avatar), and starring Eric Balfour ( 24, Monk). Morning Glory is likely to attract females.

Morning Glory got a jump on the weekend, releasing Wednesday, November 10, with costars Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton bickering anchors on a television news team and Rachel McAdams ( Sherlock Holmes) as the show's producer.