US box office: ‘The Losers’ could be winners

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The US film releases this weekend, April 23, show no clear-cut box office smash. Between the action-adventure, ‘The Losers,' and the romantic-comedy, ‘The Back-Up Plan," it seems to be divided by stereotypically male and female taste.

Will it be a repeat hit performance of last year's ‘Fast & Furious' or ‘Knocked Up?' a film with a similar theme to ‘Back-Up?' Either film could manage to reach the top of the box office but probably not with any record-breaking numbers.

‘The Back-Up Plan' might have an edge with Jennifer Lopez's star power, though the singer/actress hasn't appeared in the genre for a few years.

On the other hand, as a comic book adaptation, ‘The Losers' has a following, with some humor mixed in with the explosive mercenary combat to appeal to ‘Kick-Ass' fans. Moviegoers may be interested in seeing Zoe Saldana without her ‘Avatar' Na'vi disguise.

Internationally, with neither of these films opening much beyond North America until May, that leaves the overseas cinemas relying on previous releases, ‘Kick-Ass,' ‘Date Night,' and the 3D contender, ‘Clash of the Titans' which could keep its grip.