Weekend US film releases: 'Kick-Ass' and 'Death at a Funeral'

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Kick-Ass and Death at a Funeral lead the big releases in US theaters April 16, with lots of buzz surrounding Kick-Ass since its premiere at the SXSW Festival.

Based on the Marvel comic books, this action-comedy stars Nicolas Cage ( National Treasure), Christopher Mintz-Plasse ( How to Train Your Dragon), Aaron Johnson ( The Illusionist), and Chloe Moretz from (500) Days of Summer as four unlikely superheroes. The plot is about a nerdy teen comics fan who becomes Kick-Ass, despite his lack of powers, but trouble ensues when real bad guys show up with real weapons. The movie features midnight screenings starting April 15.

Death at a Funeral
This remake of the 2007 British comedy follows the same story with an African-American cast, including comedians Chris Rock ( Good Hair, Head of State), Martin Lawrence ( Big Momma's House), and Tracy Morgan ( Cop Out). Also features Danny Glover ( Lethal Weapon), Zoe Saldana ( Avatar) and Peter Dinklage ( The Station Agent, Elf) reprising his role from the original. The story centers around a funeral ceremony with a series of mishaps and family secrets. The plot thickens when the dead man's gay lover arrives. http://www.deathatafuneral-movie.com/

The Joneses
Starring David Duchovny ( The X Files), Demi Moore ( Charlie's Angels), Amber Heard ( Zombieland) and former supermodel Lauren Hutton, this dramedy follows a picture-perfect family moving in the suburbs, loved and envied by their neighbors, who don't suspect they are actually marketers of upscale products. http://www.thejonesesmovie.com/

The City of Your Final Destination

A thriller by James Ivory, working with Anthony Hopkins again ( The Remains of the Day, Howards End), as well as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Laura Linney, and Argentine actress Norma Aleandro. It is about an American academic persuading the heirs of a celebrated South American novelist to allow him to write the author's biography.