Weekly US film releases: Holmes and Paquin vs. Jovovich

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On September 10, the latest sequel to the action sci-fi thriller Resident Evil takes on an ensemble cast with Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel.

The Romantics
The story of close friends attending a wedding when the bride and bridesmaid's rivalry for the groom comes to a head. Stars Katie Holmes ( Thank You For Smoking), Anna Paquin ( True Blood, X-Men: The Last Stand), Josh Duhamel ( Transformers), Elijah Wood ( Lord of the Rings), and Candice Bergen. Directed by Galt Niederhoffer who wrote the novel and adapted the screenplay.

Resident Evil: Afterlife
In this fourth movie of the franchise, the heroines of this action sci-fi thriller save survivors from a world ravaged by a virus infection. Features Milla Jovovich, who also starred in the previous Resident Evil installments and the upcoming Stone with Robert De Niro and Ed Norton. Ali Larter ( Obsessed) also joins the cast. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson ( Alien vs. Predator) who is also shooting the upcoming Three Musketeers in 3D.