Weekly US film releases: ‘Clash of the Titans’ hits screens in 3D

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Clash of the Titans blasts onto 3D screens in the USA April 2, in an attempt to shove Alice out of the way and to crush Dragons this Easter weekend. Not shot in 3D, it was converted in post-production to more fully show off the beasts and special effects.

The Last Song

Opening on Wednesday, March 31, to get a jump on the weekend releases, is another heart-warming tale from Dear John writer Nicholas Sparks, featuring teen star Miley Cyrus ( Hannah Montana the Movie) as a daughter connecting with her estranged father over the summer. Also stars Greg Kinnear ( Green Zone) and Kelly Preston ( Old Dogs).

Clash of the Titans

Sam Worthington stars in a mythical action-adventure as Perseus, son of the Greek god Zeus, and his quest to battle formidable foes from Hades to Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess - and his world. A remake of the 1981 film with Laurence Olivier, this version, directed by Louis Leterrier ( The Incredible Hulk), also features Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson.


Why Did I Get Married Too

The comedy release of the weekend, this follow-up by Tyler Perry ( I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Madea Goes to Jail) to his 2007 Why Did I Get Married, stars singer Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and himself. The story centers on four couples on their annual vacation together in The Bahamas looking at their marriages - then interrupted by the arrival of an ex-husband.


Leaves of Grass

One of the movies from the SXSW Film Festival with a buzz, starring Edward Norton ( The Incredible Hulk, The Illusionist) as a university professor who returns to his hometown in Oklahoma where his twin brother, a pot grower, wants his assistance with a scheme to remove a drug lord. Norton portrays both brothers in this comedy thriller. Also starring Susan Sarandon, Richard Dreyfuss and Keri Russell ( Mission Impossible III).