Weekly US film releases: Mirren and Willis in 'Red,' Swank and Stockwell in 'Conviction'

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On October 15, an all-star assembly headed by Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis join Red and Hilary Swank co-stars with Sam Rockwell in the true-life tale Conviction. Plus the threequel of MTV's prank show on film, Jackass in 3D.

Adapted from the comic book, this comedy thriller features an all-star assembly with Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman, offering an unexpected action cast. The story follows a former CIA operative who gathers his old team, dragging them out of retirement when an assassin surfaces to threaten his life. Directed by Robert Schwentke ( The Time Traveler's Wife).

Oscar winner Hilary Swank ( Million Dollar Baby) and Sam Rockwell ( Moon) star in this true life drama, directed by actor Tony Goldwyn ( Dexter, Law & Order). The story follows a single mother with two children who returns to school to obtain a law degree and defends her imprisoned brother, proving his innocence. Co-stars Minnie Driver ( Motherhood) and Juliette Lewis ( The Switch).

Jackass 3D
The third installment of MTV's prank show goes 3D. Johnny Knoxville ( The Dukes of Hazard), Bam Margera, Steve-O and others from the television show return to the big screen for more extreme hi-jinks and painful stunts.