Willis and Worthington aboard more sci-fi thrillers

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In the realm of sci-fi action-adventures, a couple of upcoming films just announced include original ideas. Bruce Willis and Sam Worthington fans can watch out for Looper, and a updated remake of Allan Quartermain.

Bruce Willis ( Live Free or Die Hard) will portray an older version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( 500 Years of Summer) in Looper. A ‘looper' is a Terminator-esque hit man who sends victims back in time travel to be executed, according to showbiz blog Deadline Hollywood. The director is Rian Johnson ( Brick, The Brothers Bloom).

Willis, who also appeared in sci-fi features Surrogates and The Sixth Sense, will co-star in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables in August and in Red with Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich. Gordon-Levitt can be seen next in Inception, the sci-fi thriller with Leonard DiCaprio.

Also, Sam Worthington ( Clash of the Titans) is no stranger to sci-fi stories, playing a cyborg in Terminator Salvation and an alien in Avatar, and now the actor is set up to star as Quartermain, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The adventurer is inspired by H. Rider Haggard's novels King Solomon's Mines and Allan Quartermain from the late 1880s.

In the late 1980s, Richard Chamberlain filmed versions of the books on the British adventurer and Indiana Jones is said to be based on the character. This take finds Quartermain returning to earth after exploring space. Worthington will also debut as the producer of the film.