First Call, Last Call

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First Call

HEAVY METAL band Kiss (right) will once again don their fright make-up and skin-tight costumes when they bring their music circus show to England in March. Nostalgia madness or a welcome come-back, the die- hard fans of this band, which first formed back in the mid-1970s, really don't care. With a string of hits to their name, Kiss are from the old school of heavy metal, now reconstructed with 1990s irony, of course.

Wembley Arena, London (0181-902 0902) 25 Mar

Last Call

MICHAEL FRAYN'S Alarms and Excursions is a witty look at the problems arising from new technology. Ostensibly raising serious questions about whether gadgets and gizmos represent a genuine advance or are just a pain in the neck, this is a series of eight comic sketches that range from Nicky Henson and his confidence in tools, to Robert Bathurst wandering lost around Gatwick while his host scours Heathrow for him. This work offers an insight into the weaknesses in human nature and how we deal with failure, our insecurities and paranoia.

Gielguld Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1 (0171-494 5065) to 6 Mar