First Call, Last Call

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First Call

EARTH, WIND & FIRE make the most of the current disco nostalgia with a short UK tour, so dig out the PVC jump-suit and electrified hair and enter their agreeably tuneful boogie wonderland. For those who missed their Seventies incarnation, Earth, Wind & Fire inspired a broad range of musicians from Phil Collins to Lenny Kravitz, and played a vital role in weaving black consciousness and racial pride into mainstream pop. Whether you regard them as slick and sentimental or commercial and fey, they're always good fun.

Apollo, Manchester (0161-242 2560) 2 Jul; Royal Albert Hall, London (0171-589 8212) 3-4 Jul; Symphony Hall,

Birmingham (0121-212 3333) 6 Jul

Last Call

ONE MINUTE a jewellery street vendor, the next earning $1m per episode for a hit comedy show. Would you jack it in? That's just what Jerry Seinfeld (right) did. He is the most popular TV personality in the US (ahead of Tim Allen and Oprah Winfrey) and, tonight, he offers a stand-up show with "little islands of relief in what's often a painful existence". According to David Letterman, he is the best comedian working today and some 90 million Americans can't be wrong.

Palladium, Argyll Street, London W1 (0171-494 5030)

12 Jul, 6pm and 9pm