FOOD AND DRINK / A - Z of healthy dishes from around the world

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Z is for Zanzibar, a small spice island off the east coast of Africa; its cuisine is unaffected but rich in carbohydrates, which we now appreciate should be the larger part of our energy intake. This coconut- flavoured flat bread is cooked in a large frying pan.

Recipe: Pan Fried Sesame Bread

Serves 6-8

1lb plain flour

4oz coconut cream (available in Asian shops in the form of bars),

dissolved in 4fl oz water

1 egg

1 packet quick yeast

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together except the sesame seeds. Make a dough and roll it out until it's springy. Then cover, and leave for two hours to rise. Press the sesame seeds into the dough, then flatten it in a frying pan which has been sprinkled with a little salt dissolved in water to prevent sticking.

Cook over a low heat for 15 minutes, then put the pan under a grill in order to finish off the cooking with heat from above. Cut the bread into six or eight pieces.