FOOD & DRINK / DAILY BREAD: Anton Mosimann: What the master chef ate one day last week

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Yesterday for breakfast I had steamed Japanese rice with seaweed and soy sauce with some grilled salmon on it. I like to have a good breakfast and I often eat Japanese - or I might have some good Swiss muesli or an English kipper. I'm international in my breakfasts] To drink I had green tea. For lunch, salad with steamed haddock - all different leaves with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The fish was flavoured with sesame oil, spring onions and a little chilli - I like an Oriental flavour. To drink, sparkling mineral water and just half a glass of white wine. For dessert, some Christmas pudding - I'm a great fan of it - with plain yogurt mixed with lemon juice and cinnamon. I always go jogging in the afternoon and when I got back I had a cup of tea, an apple, a pear and some dried apricots. Dinner was a grilled baby chicken, with bean- sprouts, a little cabbage, and mangetout all mixed together with the chicken on the top, and a glass of red wine. Dessert was lemon souffle with raspberry sauce. We had had a very busy day and I felt good, so I felt I deserved a glass of pink champagne.

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