FOOD & DRINK / Daily bread: Sir Terence Conran - What the design guru and restaurateur ate one day last week

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For breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a cup of PG Tips tea with milk. Getting into the office, an extremely strong cup of freshly ground coffee and a cigar. For lunch, I went to Blueprint on Butler's Wharf, and I had a slice of chicken and green peppercorn terrine, then some kedgeree, with a couple of glasses of Montagny - a white burgundy - then espresso coffee, black with sugar. At about four o'clock I had a cup of tea. When I went home I cooked myself a plate of pasta with courgette and pesto sauce, and I had a couple of glasses of red wine. Normally I go out to dinner. On a typical day I would go out and have one course for lunch and then three courses for supper - one of the good points of being a restaurateur. But I have a terrible ability to put on weight so I have to be cautious. I finished yesterday with a hot glass of Lemsip as I've got a cough.