FOOD & DRINK / Daily Bread: Victoria Owen: What the waitress ate one day last week

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I got up at 10. No breakfast, just a cup of coffee, white Kenco. I had to be in work at 11 for the lunch shift, which is from 11 to 3.30. I had lunch myself at 12 - prawn bisque soup and a salad sandwich made with spinach, cottage cheese, tomato and cucumber on brown bread. Either we can make our own lunch in the kitchens, or if the kitchen staff have made something for themselves we can have some. Another coffee. A medium bar of Galaxy while I was working. A piece of treacle tart at about 2.30. I drink lots of pineapple juice while I'm working - about a litre during the day - and lots of water. I was working the evening shift, too, which is 6.30 till the finish. At seven I had more soup and another sandwich, the same as before. At around 10.30, a bowl of vanilla ice- cream with chocolate sauce. Someone bought me a drink last night, so I had a glass of champagne too. And that was it. You might think I ought to be fatter, but I do cycle to the restaurant and back.

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