FOOD & DRINK / Daily Bread: What the busy nanny ate one day last week

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I usually get up about 8am and this morning I had a bowl of branflakes with milk and a cup of decafinated coffee, white no sugar. I am on holiday at the moment with the three boys (aged 6, 10 and 11) in a cottage, so life is less hectic than school days, and the children come down in dribs and drabs.

After they had breakfast we drove to Colchester, where we went to the bowling arcade. They had a special offer on at the arcade at the time: if you played three games you got a free burger and chips. So the four of us had burger and chips for lunch rather than the picnic lunch I had packed for them. We had lunch at about 1.30pm, and I also had a diet Pepsi. Once lunch had gone down we went swimming, at about 2.30pm, after which everyone was starved. So on the way home in the car at about 5.30pm we ate the picnic lunch; it was like an early tea for them. I had a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich, an apple and a diet Pepsi, the boys ate the chocolate biscuits. We drove back to the cottage and then by about 7.30pm the children had got hungry again, so we had a light supper of baked beans on wholemeal toast with cheese on top: I had one slice of this. I also had a cup of decafinated coffee with milk and that was it for the day.

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