FOOD & DRINK / Daily Bread: What the Gulf War Commander ate one day last week

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I was working at home, the source of all the best food in my life. After a run in the dark I had as little Fruit 'n' Fibre as I could discipline myself to, and fruit juice, then numerous cups of decaffeinated coffee to see me through to lunch. With self-control to the fore I had a light lunch of soup made with the leftovers of the children's weekend at home, a lettuce salad and clementines. Tea should have been a mug of Earl Grey, but a partial collapse of moral fibre added a slice of my favourite chocolate sponge made by my wife, Bridget. Many of my best meals have been curries I cooked myself in a mess tin in the jungle or desert. For supper we had the best taste-alike, made by Bridget using our own traditionally reared meat rather than compo rations. Over-indulgence at tea was made up for by an alcohol-free day.

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