FOOD & DRINK / Daily bread: What the Tranmere Rovers winger ate in one day

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IT WAS the day after a game so I ate an exceptional amount. Breakfast was a composite thing of bran flakes, fresh chopped apples and bananas, nuts and raisins. I mix it myself. I have it with hot milk, then normal dull boring old tea. By one o'clock, after training, I'm always desperately hungry. I had six ounces of spaghetti topped with Marks & Spencer's bolognese sauce and a baker's roll with butter - I like butter. I weigh the spaghetti out because before I'd always make too much or too little and that annoyed me - six ounces is as much as I like. In the afternoon I went to Next cafe in Chester with my son Simon, who's two- and-a-half. I had tea and a kind of pastry thing with cream in it. Simon had tea and a gingerbread man. For dinner we had ratatouille, Delia Smith's recipe, with boiled ham and roast red Desiree potatoes, and a couple of glasses of really nice vintage red wine, a Chateau Lalande, I think, to celebrate my hat-trick the day before. Then chocolate swiss roll from Marks & Spencer. And just tea after that.

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