Final foods: what would you eat for your last meal on earth?
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I would have tropical fruits, served just as they are - there's no need to make them into complicated meals. The colours and smells wouldn't need any fancy arranging - they'd look great on their own. I've got a whole list of fruits: durian, which smells awful but tastes great, mangoes, all varieties, tropical avocados, which are really big and creamy, jackfruit, mangosteens, bananas and sapota - they are oval and thin-skinned, a bit like a persimmon, and they come in four colours, black, yellow, green and white, I prefer the black. And tangelo, pineapple, guavas, passion fruits, papaya and grenadillo, which is a type of passion fruit. And soursop, a heart-shaped fruit which is deep green with lots of spikes - they can weigh up to six pounds, and once you get inside, the flesh is really fragrant and spicy, a delicate flavour, not really sweet at all.

I'd also have a few coastal coconuts, and some macadamia and brazil nuts for anyone who wanted to eat them.

We would eat in the wet tropics - there are still some wet tropical rainforests left in northern Queensland, Indonesia and South America. We'd be under the tropical canopy, not in the direct sun because it's bad for our skin - we'd be under the trees in green light. I'd invite any and every fruitarian from round the world - especially those who live in cold climates and have to put up with mediocre imported fruit.

There'd be no plates, we'd use banana leaves - I wouldn't want anything man-made, and we'd use our hands and nails, no knives and forks. We'd eat by a creek so if people got fruit all down them they could dip into the water - and anyone who wanted to go naturally naked could do so. People could climb up into the trees using natural vines - no man-made structures. For entertainment everyone would bring their voices, and they could bash on a coconut if they wanted, but more important would be the sounds of the rainforest - tropical birds and humming insects. It would be a natural, peaceful occasion - human beings in harmony with nature, as perhaps they once were long ago.

Susie Miller runs the Fresh Network (01647 61729), which offers information and support to those who want to know more about raw-food diets.