Fringe: Comedy: Do You Come Here Often?

Edinburgh Festival 97
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Comedy Do You Come Here Often?

In one of Morecambe and Wise's most inspired sketches our heroes cooked an entire breakfast to the music of "The Stripper". Imagine that level of wit and sheer surreal joy transplanted to a locked bathroom and you have the beginnings of this priceless piece of ravishing lunacy from The Right Size. Two perfect strangers, one delivering a best man's speech at a friend's wedding and the other popping into the corner shop, suddenly find themselves bound and gagged in a bathroom with a fully flushing toilet and the worst pastel shading you've ever seen.

Hilarious visual theatre it may be, but you'd never guess so from the quality of the writing. The secret of the show's success, though, is Foley and McColl's wonderfully warm relaxation. From the splendidly spooky operatic opening onwards you simply bask in an hour of hilarious, heavenly and surprisingly poignant buffoonery. If this doesn't win major awards there is no justice. Book immediately.

To 30 Aug (exc 18, 26). Assembly Rooms, Venue 3. (0131-226 2428) David Benedict