Fringe: Dance: Stung

Edinburgh Festival 97
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Dance Stung

"Circus skills" are a bit of a joke in some circles. For Momentary Fusion, the emphasis is definitely on skill rather than circus. This is not the flying trapeze of the Burt Lancaster movie but a still, rather serious show of strength that works well beneath the vaulted ceiling of St Bride's. At 65 minutes, this is rather more trapeze than you'd want, but the final 15 minutes are worth the wait. Isabel Rocamora and Sophy Griffiths share a trapeze in a strangely moving duet. They take turns to slide down each other's bodies only to halt inches from the floor and cling to their partner in panic. For this magical couple there is no fear of falling, only a fear of leaving the air.

To 30 Aug. Continental Shifts at St Bride's, Venue 62. (0131-346 1405) Louise Levene