Fringe / Dylan Moran Is Indisposed

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Fringe / Dylan Moran Is Indisposed

There are occasional periods in the stage life of a successful comedian when absolutely everything but everything goes right for you. Ireland's softly spoken Dylan Moran is enjoying such a period. The audience is rapt, hanging on his every word, and there's a crackle of almost religious fervour charging the air as he drops in and out of his material to field questions from the floor with a flash of his tongue. Part of Moran's appeal is that his humour is completely non-gender specific, but for the most part it's down to the brilliant tactical deployment of a surreal and sensitive mind - "I look like the letter B on crutches when I take my T-shirt off." At times he overeggs the surrealism, but that's a mere quibble. In short, he's flying. Dylan Moran's time has come.

n Pleasance. To 31 Aug