Fringe: Moving the Goalposts

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Moving the Goalposts

Despite the title, the show is about more than just football. No target is safe for McGowan's uncanny mimicry, from Jarvis Cocker to Tony Blair, from Eddie Izzard to Eric Cantona. However, despite the promise, the show is badly structured. McGowan frequently disappears for several minutes to do a pointless costume change while overdubbed films of footballers play on the screen. The films are amusing in themselves, especially Gazza's antics, but this stop-start approach repeatedly jars.

Additionally, while McGowan is an adept impressionist, there is a serious drought of jokes. And without them there is only the laughter of recognition left, which is simply not enough.

Only his character assassination of David Baddiel and his impression of Trevor Brooking as David Helfgott playing an Erik Satie composition hint at his potential - both are dark performances that lift his comedy to new and exciting heights.

Pleasance 8.05pm. To 24 Aug