fringe round-up: Dave Gorman

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Theatre Cryptic have taken the bold step of transposing Molly Bloom's dense but lusty soliloquy from Ulysses, into a piece of high-flying music theatre, featuring two musicians and an opera singer, as well as actress Muireann Kelly as the flame-haired temptress herself.

This mixing up of forms is typical of director Cathie Boyd, but it all seems a little unnecessary. Frankly, such is the strength of Kelly's performance, she could have coped just as well on her own without any of the fancy frills. The music, playful as it is, adds little, and the overall tricksiness could have been done away with in favour of pure wordpower. Say "Yes" to hearing Joyce performed with such verve and passion, say "No" to needless noodling.

n Traverse Theatre. To 18 Aug