Games: Details competition no 430

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In which painting by which painter can you find this loop?

Answers on a postcard, to arrive by Monday 3 May: DETAILS 430, IoS, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. Three winners will each receive a bottle of champagne

Details 428 came from Claude Lorrain's Landscape with Ascanius Shooting the Stag of Sylvia (1682) - one of his timewarp scenes, setting a story from classical legend among ruins of classical architecture. The effect here is romantic-imperial: the party of explorers in unknown country, crashing through the jungle, past the overgrown remains of an even more ancient civilisation, and about to do something very unwise. It was Claude's last painting and is in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. The three winners are: S Wagstaff, Kidderminster; S Nolan, Walthamstow; G Koenig, London NW3