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LISTENING TO a programme about perfumes in France, Jeanine Hickman of Hounslow heard "tubereuse" mentioned as beautifully scented plants. "My dictionary gives this as tuberose," she writes, "and Larousse describes it as white-flowered, originally from Mexico. But my local garden centres have never heard of it. Can you tell me where to buy some?"

Tuberose is the common name for Polianthes tuberosa, a tender perennial that has to be grown in a pot in a greenhouse, or indoors, away from winter frost. You can set tubers singly in 5-in pots, or group them together in bigger pots. Keep the compost moist. When in growth, the strappy leaves are followed by spikes of pure white flowers, heavily scented. Available from: Avon Bulbs, Mid Lambrook, Somerset TA13 5HE (01460 242177); Burncoose and Southdown, Redruth, TR16 6BJ (01209 861112); Botanicus, Norwich NR8 5BG (01603 742063); The Nurseries, Pickering, YO18 7HG (01751 472226). For a double variety, `The Pearl', try The Nurseries, 145 Champ Hill, Middx HA7 3JS (0181-427 3968)