Gardening: Weekend Work

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VARIOUS FORMS of primrose and polyanthus can be split and replanted as soon as they have finished flowering. Set the new divisions in ground refreshed with bonemeal and compost. Each rosette of leaves can be prised from the mother clump, with roots attached. Keep the newly planted pieces well-watered until they are settled. Wilting plants may be victims of vine weevil. Dig them up and search the roots for the fat white grubs. Then jump on them.

EARLY-FLOWERING SHRUBS such as forsythia can be pruned if necessary, taking out some of the old flowered branches at the base. Over-tall mahonias should also be reduced, by cutting down one or two of the tallest stems by half.

GRASS IS growing strongly again, but not strongly enough in our garden to gain ground from moss, which had a field day this wet winter. If you don't like moss, treat your lawn with a product combining fertiliser with weed and moss killer.

HARDEN OFF bedding plants such as petunia and ageratum before planting them out when the weather warms up this month.

IF YOU put on a thick layer of mulch now, you will helpthe soil to retain the moisture it has accumulated over the winter. A thick layer of organic matter on top of the soil discourages weeds from germinating. Garden or mushroom compost, or a ground bark mulch, are all useful. So are untreated lawn mowings.