Naked pool party is London’s next naked thing

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A few months ago, in a review of London’s first naked restaurant, I suggested someone quickly arrange a new naked thing in the city for sure-fire profit.

Sadly, I didn’t listen to my own advice, but Get Naked did, a new club night entirely themed around nudity.

It was initially supposed to launch at a small Soho bar and be a ‘small and intimate’ affair, but when a tide of people signed up, organiser Joshua Walker was forced to find a new venue.

He has now found one in none other than Club Aquarium, a cornerstone of Shoreditch nightlife known for containing a swimming pool and hot tub that only opens around 2am once everyone’s good and drunk.

Perhaps fearing a mass orgy, the event, re-christened ‘Get Wet, Get Naked’, has been changed from a nighttime thing to an all-dayer, running from midday til 5pm on 12 November.

There will also quite randomly be a buffet.

Swim shorts and swimsuits will be allowed, but obviously birthday suits are encouraged.

Walker said that the event will be aiming for a “nudist environment, not a trashy one”, and guests will be able to get made-up with body paint if they so wish, though I don’t know how this will function with the whole being-in-a-pool thing.

Get Naked takes place on 12 November at The Aquarium, Old Street. Tickets go on sale on Monday 24 October for £15. 

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