tomorrow Wimbledon Theatre, London SW19
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Alan Davies has a naturally funny manner, whether he's discussing why he finds Quentin Tarantino's films unsatisfactory ("I need more than a bit of quirky dialogue about cheese- burgers") or explaining why Arsenal aren't top of the Premiership ("What's gone wrong with Arsenal is that Manchester United win every game they play.")

He could win any talkathon going. "If Radio 1 broke down, I could keep it going for 24 hours," he says. "I can't shut up." This gift of the gab is what makes him such a likable stand-up. He is joined by a high-class line-up of Tony Hawks, Arthur Smith, Mark Thomas, John Maloney and Rosie Ash at The Alternative Royal Variety Show benefit for the Neonatal Unit at St George's Hospital.

Wimbledon Theatre, London SW19 (0181-540 0362) tomorrow