GIG OF THE WEEK: Conversations With My Agent to 25 Oct

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Pleasance Theatre, Carpenter's Mews, London N7 (0171-609 1800) to 25 Oct Cheers may be the most popular sitcom of all time - America ground to a halt on the night of its final episode - but working on the show was not always a barrel of laughs, if Rob Long is to be believed. Having worked his way up from producer to head producer on the series over several years, Long has now written a bestselling book, Conversations with My Agent: a fictionalised account of his experiences as a young writer having to deal with the madness of the American television networks and the attendant all- powerful agents.

After an adaptation of the book was made by BBC Radio, a version has now been created for the stage by Gary Parker. The motto - which emerges loud and clear from the show - is: "There are a lot of sharks in Hollywood. Make sure one of them is your agent."