Go on, spit in his soup: Waiters spill the beans

Waiters Spill the Beans...
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... on Pierce Brosnan

"One afternoon, when I was working in a popular `Ocean' restaurant in Manhattan, in walks Pierce Brosnan with his then girlfriend, his mother, daughters and other family members. He had a wonderful lunch - only to leave a 10 per cent tip. This after the restaurant stayed open an extra two and a half hours to accommodate them" - Suz

... on Sean Penn

"In 1993, I was working as a waitress at a nightclub in New York. My shift was over at 1am, but my boss asked me to stay late because Sean Penn was coming in. I waited on him for three hours. Everything was on the house. At the end of the night he did not even tip me... nothing. Before he was about to leave, I had the DJ play a Madonna song. I hope it brought back some nice memories for him" - Desjes

... on Greg Norman

"I was valet parking cars at Akron's Quaker Square Hilton during the World Series of Golf. Most of the golfers tipped very well - $5 or $10. However, as I gave Greg Norman his car, the comment I got was: `Catch you later, mate, I don't have anything small on me.' Hey Greg, you did have something small on you - your courtesy" - Todd

... on Rudolph Giuliani

"I worked at a restaurant where we have held parties for 200 lawyers from the DA's office. One day, our mayor came for lunch. He ordered one of the specials. but when he was served, he was mortified at the presentation and yelled at the staff. He demanded it be sent back, insisting it wasn't what he wanted (it was) and that he wouldn't return (he did)" - Jessica