Going Out: Comedy: hackney empire birthday party

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The American stand-up Rich Hall (right) is as quirky as they come. He is given to singing random lines from Loot to the accompaniment of an electric organ: "Ford Escort. 376,000 miles. As new. Needs windscreen... Thirty metres of Number 4 grit sandpaper. No time-wasters, please... Sing along if you know the words." Not the sort of routine you'd expect from a run-of-the-mill "why are relationships so difficult?" raconteur. He shares a strong bill on Wednesday night with Ricky Grover, Tim Vine, Rhona Cameron, Junior Simpson, Hitchcock's Half Hour, The League Against Tedium and others at the 97th Birthday Celebration for the Hackney Empire. Mare Street, London E8 (0181-985 2424) doors open at 7pm, shows starts at 8pm

James Rampton