Going Out: Dance: Les Ballets Trockadero

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Taller than Darcey Bussell, more chic than Margot Fonteyn, Les Ballets Trockadero or "Trocks" (right) take classical refinement to unheard of limits. Maya Thickenthighya, Fifi Barkova, Ida Nevasayneva: these are some of the legendary names that will stun you in The Dying Swan, and other favourites. You will gasp at the ballerinas' supported fouettes, so powerful they can unbalance their cavaliers; you will marvel at an interpretative sensitivity that can make their swans as vivid as ostriches. The 14 Trocks are not the fragile ladies they claim to be; but they promise a jolly evening of affectionate ballet mockery. On the road worldwide for 25 years, these drag queens are enjoying a renewed surge of popularity and tour the regions before their London visit this autumn.

Derngate Theatre, Northampton (01604 624811) tomorrow; Wycombe Swan Theatre (01494 512000) 26-27 Apr; then touring

Nadine Meisner