Going Out: Event: Titanic exhibition

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Overhyped, overboard and next week it's coming over here - the Titanic Official Movie Tour at Wembley Exhibition Hall 2 sails into "London, England" on Wednesday of next week. While Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet are unlikely to put in an appearance, visitors can examine the stars' costumes and later wander the sizeable recreation of the Titanic set. This comes complete with lights, cameras, props, costumes and other filmic paraphernalia.

The experience promises to reveal the secrets behind the making of the film - so reliant was it on technical invention and animators' virtuosity, don't be too surprised if, somewhere on the vast set, you find a dark room full of pale computer operatives typing away at keyboards.

One world of warning though: the experience could sink those on a tight budget. Adult tickets are pounds 12, children's pounds 8 with a booking fee on top... not to mention the restaurant... and an "authentically themed retail area"...

Wembley Exhibition Hall 2, London (0181-795 9512) 10am - 7pm daily to 17 Jan

Peter Conchie