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CHINA MEETS America in Amy Tan's adaptation of her own best- selling novel, The Joy Luck Club (15). Directed by Wayne Wang, the film centres on four Chinese immigrant mothers and their American-born daughters. It's a natural project for Hong Kong-based Wang, whose 1987 film, Dim Sum, also focused on a mother-daughter relationship (and was nominated for best foreign film in the Baftas). For those who saw Heaven and Earth, The Joy Luck Club may ring a few bells: Tan's adaptation enters classic Oliver Stone territory and, unsurprisingly, his name appears on the list of credits, as executive producer. The result of this Sino-American collaboration is a touching narrative in which hopes are dashed, cultures clash and snapshots of China's recent tortured

history are slotted in between golden images of American prosperity - a screen version of the modern-day melting-pot effect. The film opens in London on 11 March and across the country in April, but Buena Vista International has arranged a screening for IoS readers next Sunday morning at the Curzon West End. We have a pair of tickets to give away to the first 170 readers to send a self-seal SAE to: Joy Luck Club, IoS, 40 City Rd, London EC1Y 2DB.

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