GOING OUT / It's a long way from Trumpton to Byker Grove

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TUESDAY, for today's young televiewers, means Batman and maybe EastEnders, but once upon a time it meant Andy Pandy and Teddy, and Looby-Loo skipping in a spotted print skirt. Batman goes out at 6pm, which used to be bedtime.

The schedules change, but the formative influence remains the same; many an adult conversation regresses to animated recollections of Blue Peter presenters, and their dogs, or Dougal, Florence and Zebedee, with his imitable boing. In 'Twenty-first Century Boys and Girls: a Debate about the Future of Broadcasting for Children' (MOMI, 071-928 3232, Tues, 7.30pm), the subject is tackled by a panel including Anna Home, head of children's programmes at the BBC, and Lucinda Whiteley, her opposite number at Channel 4. The IoS TV critic, Allison Pearson, is the chairman, or should that be the nanny?

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