Going Out: Pop Beastie Boys

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After the wild success of their debut Licenced To Ill album in 1986, Messrs Horowitz, Diamond and Yauch started this decade almost back at square one after the 1989 follow-up Paul's Boutique had bombed (though with hindsight many revisionist critics have declared it magnificent). The comeback started with 1992's punkier Check Your Head and some back- to-basics touring. Since then they've rarely put a foot wrong: they've got their own label, clothing concern and magazine and are once again a solid arena-filling outfit. Expect much of the set from last year's eclectic Hello Nasty album with a big plug for the tough sounding "Remote Control", their next single, released 10 May.

NEC, Birmingham (0121 780 4133) Wed; Wembley Arena (0181 902 0902) Fri