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AFRICA. Highly ambitious survey of "the art of a continent", from the earliest objects made by man to the modern age. Too much to take in, but a very helpful installation. Royal Academy, W1 (0171 439 7438) to 21 Jan. Daily 10-6.

AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Slightly short on eccentricity and photojournalism, but still an unforgettable account of US camerawork, 1890-1965. Edinburgh SNGoMA (0131 556 8921) to 26 Nov. Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 2-5.

ART AND POWER. Official art produced under the dictators, with a few avant-gardists like Picasso and Klee. Somewhat sanitised, but still a forbidding account of the worst art of the 1930s. Hayward Gallery, SE1 (0171 261 0127) to 21 Jan. Thurs-Mon 10-6, Tues & Wed 10-8.

DYNASTIES. The best painting of the Tudor and Jacobean period. Lots of portraits, oodles of history. Artists include Holbein, Van Dyck, Rubens and Hilliard. Tate, SW1 (0171 887 8000) to 7 Jan. Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 2- 6.

SEVEN STORIES. Modern African art form seven countries, continuing the Royal Academy's story into the 20th century. Whitechapel Gallery, E1 (0171 522 7888) to 26 Nov. Tues-Sun 11-5, Wed 11-8. Free. TH