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Story of the week

Jeffrey Archer faces criminal charges and political ruin. He has admitted asking a friend, Ted Francis, to lie for him before his 1987 libel trial against the Daily Star over the prostitute Monica Coghlan.

Talking point

In court during his libel trial, Mohamed Al Fayed accused the Duke of Edinburgh of masterminding the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. Should the Duke take up Mr Fayed's challenge to sue him over the allegations?

Top gossip

Cherie Blair, 45, is pregnant. Tony Blair has confirmed the baby is probably British, hinting it may have been conceived at Balmoral during a weekend stay with the Queen.

Talked-about book

Bridget Jones is back: 300,000 copies of Helen Fielding's sequel, The Edge of Reason, have already been printed.

Noteworthy death

Quentin Crisp, writer, performer and self-confessed "stately homo of England", died on Sunday in Manchester, aged 90.

Anything you want to ask us?

In the event of a car tax being imposed on central London, will the company pay for me to drive to work?

Nathalie Curry