Graduate Carreers: Directory

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SEE PROSPECTS Directory 2000 or visit its website at for hundreds of employers and jobs. Lists a huge range of companies, graduate opportunities, salaries, benefits etc. Also lists degree subjects and best/most relevant employers.

Tel: 0161-277 5271, email: or contact your local careers service for details.

IF YOU are making job applications, get the AGCAS careers information booklet (0118-987 5123), the University of London careers service information booklet (0171-636 8000) - both free - and Looking Good on Paper (available to view in your careers service).

WHEN YOU lose student status, you become liable for council tax but eligible for council tax benefit if you are on low income or unemployed. If you live with students and you receive the job-seeker's allowance, your flatmates will not become liable for council tax. If you work, any students who are living with you become liable.

THERE ARE a lot of organisations that will help you find a job abroad, and this umbrella site covers the world and contains links to other established organisations.

FOR QUERIES about student loans, be aware that the Student Loans Company phone line is liable to have long queues at this time of year. Avoid hanging on the line at this site - it constantly updates sections such as FAQs and news to reflect callers' inquiries.