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ALMOST ALL the world's airlines have eliminated in-flight smoking, or soon will do - making travel healthier for most but miserable for confirmed addicts. An organisation called the US Coalition for Smoking or Health has come up with nine tips to help them cope:

Fly in the morning. Studies show that the nicotine craving is worst from noon to 10pm.

Don't skip meals, but avoid sweet and spicy food.

Bring along low-calorie, unsalted snacks such as sugarless candy or gum, fruit, vegetable sticks, or popcorn. But remember to finish these, or ask the stewardess to dispose of them.

Consume liquids, but not drinks containing caffeine or alcohol.

Stretch out the in-flight meal. Pause between bites.

When the urge to smoke intensifies, take deep breaths and release them slowly.

Knit, do puzzles, study maps of your destination, or write out a budget for your trip. Keep your hands and mind busy.

Stretch, flex and take walks up and down the aisle.

Take a nap.