Happy Anniversary: A good week for women

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SOME of the inauspicious events and pig-hangings to have taken place during this week in history.

10 January

1457: A sow is sentenced to death at Savigny, France, for infanticide. 1868: 451 convicts arrive in Fremantle, the last to be deported from Britain to Australia.

1918: The US House of Representatives votes in favour of giving the vote to women over 30.

1929: Tintin and his dog, Snowy, make their first appearance in Herge's cartoon strip in Vingtieme Siecle.

1985: Sir Clive Sinclair demonstrates the C5 electric car.

11 January

1569: England holds its first state lottery. It is condemned by critics, who say it encourages crime.

1946: Albania is proclaimed a People's Republic under its leader, Enver Hoxha.

1963: The world's first discotheque, the Whisky-A-Go-Go, opens in Los Angeles.

12 January

1864: Lancashire County Cricket Club is formed.

1982: Mark Thatcher gets lost in the Sahara on the Paris-Dakar rally.

1988: Chinese scientists announce that it is possible to breed test-tube pandas.

13 January

1874: Conscription introduced in Russia.

1929: Wyatt Earp dies peacefully in bed at the age of 80.

14 January

1814: The last London Frost Fair is held on the frozen River Thames.

1878: Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates the telephone to Queen Victoria.

1937: The first Gallup Poll in Britain.

15 January

Adult's Day in Japan

1790: Fletcher Christian and eight mutineers from the Bounty land on Pitcairn.

1867: 40 die when the ice gives way on the frozen lake in Regent's Park, London.

1878: London University gives degrees to women for the first time.

1881: The London Telephone Company publish their first telephone directory. It contains 255 names.

1920: Prohibition comes into force in the United States.

1927: The first live rugby commentary is heard on BBC radio.

16 January

1547: Ivan the Terrible is crowned first Tsar of Russia.

1769: There is a major riot at the Haymarket Theatre, London, when the star turn fails to arrive. He was a conjurer who had promised to sing several songs from inside a quart bottle.