Happy Anniversary: A look back at the week ahead

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SOME of the more curious anniversaries of the week ahead.

27 June

1693: The Ladies Mercury, the first magazine designed for women, is launched.

1929: Bell laboratories in New York give the first demonstration of colour television.

1988: Dave Hurst and Alan Matthews of England become the first blind climbers to conquer Mont Blanc.

28 June

1859: The first dog show, limited to pointers and setters, is held at Newcastle- upon-Tyne town hall and attracts 60 entries.

1902: The USA pays dollars 40,000 to France for the rights to the Panama Canal.

1990: The municipal authorities in Florence decree that all horses within city limits must wear panties to keep manure off the streets.

29 June

1603: The Globe Theatre in London burns down following an accident with a cannon during a performance of Shakespeare's Henry V.

1620: Tobacco-growing is banned in Britain, 16 years after King James had said it was bad for the health.

1801: The first census in Britain reveals a population of 8,872,000.

1966: The first credit card is issued in Britain.

30 June

1837: Use of the pillory is banned in Britain.

1859: Charles Blondin (real name: Jean Francois Gravelet) makes the first crossing of Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

1938: First appearance of Superman in Action Comics.

1951: England beat Australia 17-0 at football in Sydney.

1957: The Egg Marketing Board stamps its first lion on a British egg.

1 July

1847: The first adhesive postage stamps go on sale in the US.

1916: The new style Coca-Cola bottle comes into existence.

1929: Creation of Popeye the Sailor by Elzie Segar.

1937: The 999 emergency service comes into operation.

1941: WNBT in New York broadcast the first ever TV commercial - for the Bulova Clock and Watch Co.

1980: The sixpenny bit goes out of circulation.

2 July

1900: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin flies his first airship - the largest ever built.

1924: The British government rejects the idea of a Channel tunnel.

1954: Jaroslav Drobny beats Ken Rosewall in the longest ever Wimbledon final.

3 July

1928: The first commercial television set goes on sale in the US for dollars 75.

1954: End of post-war rationing in Britain.