Happy Anniversary: Bare legs for Britain

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SOME notable dates of the week, historically a momentous period for assassinations, women's dress, Siam and kings named Henry.

9 May

1785: Beer pump handle patented by Joseph Bramah.

1896: Ten cars go on display at London's Imperial Institute for the First Horseless Carriage Show.

1924: The YWCA in the United States says women should dress strikingly if they wish to succeed.

1938: Scotland Yard announces the first use of police dogs.

1949: Britain's first launderette opens in London's Queensway on a six-month trial.

1969: Vatican drops St Christopher and 30 others from the liturgical calendar.

10 May

1886: Issuing of football caps approved by FA council.

1907: Mother's Day first celebrated, insisted by Miss Anna Jarvis of Pennsylvania.

1937: Britain's first frozen food, Smedley's asparagus, goes on sale.

1967: Compulsory breath tests become law in the Road Safety Bill.

11 May

1811: Chang and Eng Bunker, the original Siamese twins, born in Siam.

1812: The last assassination of a British prime minister: Spencer Perceval is shot by John Bellingham, a bankrupt broker.

1949: Siam changes its name to Thailand.

12 May

1870: Rules of water polo drafted by London Swimming Association.

1935: Alcoholics Anonymous founded by William Wilson of Ohio.

13 May

1904: Anglo-Chinese Labour Convention permits the introduction of 'coolies' to the colonies.

14 May

A bad day for kings named Henry. In 1264 Henry III was captured by Simon de Montfort at the battle of Lewes and in 1610 the French King Henri IV (Henri de Navarre) was assassinated by Francois Ravaillac.

1942: Women's war fashions in Britain include 'bare legs for patriotism'.

15 May

1718: Machine gun patented by James Puckle, a London lawyer.

1897: The first Gay Liberation society is founded in Munich.

1930: Ellen Church of Iowa becomes the world's first air hostess.

1935: First TV quiz broadcast in Canada.

1940: Nylon stockings go on sale in US.

1957: First British hydrogen bomb is exploded near Christmas Island.