Happy Anniversary: Not such a sweet smell of success

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TODAY is the National Day of Mongolia. Here are some equally important dates to remember this week.


1804: The US vice-president, Aaron Burr, fights a duel with Alexander Hamilton, a former treasury secretary. Hamilton is wounded and dies the next day.

1938: Eskimoes complain of a heatwave as Arctic temperatures reach 19C (67F).

1956: The makers of 4711 perfume bring an action against Herr Koelsch, a cesspit emptier of West Germany, whose telephone number - 4711 - is displayed prominently on his van.

1962: US frogman Fred Baldasare becomes the first person to swim the English Channel underwater.


1543: Henry VIII marries for the last time.

1794: Nelson loses his right eye at the siege of Calvi in Corsica.

1910: Charles Rolls, co- founder of Rolls-Royce, becomes the first Briton to be killed in a flying accident.


1837: Buckingham Palace becomes the official royal residence.

1871: Crystal Palace stages Britain's first cat show.

1923: Parliament passes a law banning the sale of alcohol to under-18s.

1955: Ruth Ellis is the last woman to be hanged in Britain.


1823: The King and Queen of Hawaii die of measles during a visit to Britain.

1945: The ban is lifted on Allied troops fraternising with German women.


1795: La Marseillaise is adopted as the French national anthem.

1869: Margarine is patented by Hippolyte Mege Mouries.

1913: A woman is seized by the police for wearing a split skirt in Richmond.

1948: The British branch of Alcoholics Anonymous is founded.


1661: Sweden issues Europe's first banknotes.

1935: Oklahoma City brings into operation the world's first parking meters.


1408: A sow is hanged in Pont de Larche for 'murdering and killing a little child'.

1790: Thomas Saint of London patents the first sewing machine.

1917: The House of Saxe- Coburg-Gotha changes its name to Windsor.

1967: Britain's first anti-litter week is launched by 'Keep Britain Tidy'.